About early 2016..

Hola! Ignore the post before, haha! Well, this year, I earned so much things. No, in other words, things happened. Haha. I made a big decision in last year. I moved to mamakota, and having much pain and gain at the same time.

Here are the things that I survived through that time:

1. Having a new job.

I’ve sent so many CVs (in freaking numbers) in 2 weeks, and got my first interview on that month. Using the power of Jobstreet, JobsDB, JobsID, and many Jobs that I never identified before, finally I got it. First interview went too easily. I did some tests and going through the interview, I got it. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the passion and I decided to postponed my decision for being a Headhunter. The second one, was awesome. The job was about to be an HR in an international start-up. Not to mention about the Deutsche, yes, they’re cool and positively likely to be hate at the same time. I guess they had the same feeling about me too, and it gone.

Let’s go to the third, where I found that job posting in the Jobs that I never met before. This experience is kinda funny, I think. I applied as recruitment and assessment staff. The tests and interview was so easy. I’ve been asked by the HR Manager about “what’s my opinion for the HR who giving and interprets psycho-tests when they’re not even a psychologist?” I answered, “it’s kinda ruin the code of ethics in psychology, but I found some company is okay with that and go with the risk, because interpreting some tests is a very small part for became the HR. If the company has a more budget, they could hire consultant or independent psychologists to do that job.” A week gone by, and I got a text that said I just got hired. Aha! Then I found myself became the recruitment and assessment supervisor in the paper.

The most hilarious part was I worked for one and a half month, and getting myself an interview in a management consultant. When I passed their tests, I should found some random reason that I can’t get myself in the office. Yet I signed the contract at the morning that I left my office, the afternoon of that day, I had myself a resignation. Haha, hello Jekardah! I know it’s a bad thing to do, but I had to. First, so much improvement that I can get in the new office, and second, the company have a kinda hole to allow people do that. About the day of my resignation, the HR Manager was not so-happy, but lately she allowed me. Thank you, Ma’am! 🙂
And nowadays, both of them living in peace..

Define the peace, well, the HR Manager found a candidate to fill that job, and I enjoy myself for being an Associate Assessor 😀

2. Ngekos

First of all, it’s hard. I never having any experience of ngekos before, and it’s getting harder when you knew that you can’t choose any kind of people that you want to fill the room beside yours. I do really hate when someone don’t ask your permission for getting your things. Errr. I guess having an adaptation in office could way much better than in kosan. But, day by day, I’m getting to used it, and right now everybody got their happiness. The girl next door was moving to any other planet when I knock her door bring the her-trash-that-you-don’t-wanna-know-what’s-inside.

Yeah, that’s all the outlines about my early 2016. The next chapter will updated soon.. (Amen).
See you, cool people! >o<

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